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Meet Robin

“Wow, just wanted to share this and be very transparent. I cannot believe how fat I was and let myself go. I did not notice it was that bad. I would cry and complain but was to lazy and not committed enough to take back control. I don’t post to brag or get compliments. I post to show me how far I have come. To give myself a high five. I am proud of my weight loss and feeling like myself again. I felt sick alot when overweight. My back hurt if I sat to long. My thighs rubbed together, I lost who I was and some of MOJO because I did not feel beautiful on the inside or the outside. Even though I still want to lose a few more pounds I am ok. I am in love with me again. I want to be seen and be heard. I missed that girl I lost and I am beyond excited to have her back.
Thank you Robin for sharing your journey and allowing me to assist in achieving your health and fitness goals. I’m so happy you look and feel awesome!! – Andrea Lilavois

Meet Kim

As of today, March 5th, 2021, Kim has lost 60 pounds. She sleeps through the night and feels energized enough to exercise daily and run 5k races again. Her sexual desire has returned to its peak and she has revitalized her infectious passion for living life to its maximum potential.

Kim’s success story is just one of many reasons why women struggling with similar symptoms should reach out to a professional specializing in hormonal imbalance. 

Kim often says this experience has changed her life. I am so proud to have witnessed her dedication to re-discover herself and the dramatic physical and emotional transformation resulting from her perseverance. 

Meet Michael

“After dealing with depression, low energy, stubborn belly fat and high cholesterol i was at a point where i knew that i needed to address my low testosterone levels.

Andrea is a complete pro in knowing how this testosterone replacement would affect me and what i would experience as a result by taking hormone replacements. My testosterone was at nearly a level of 300.

Since my therapy I have seen levels as high as 1000 but have leveled out to 600 ish. This therapy has had the following results. More energy, 20lbs of weight loss with very little effort, my cholesterol has dropped nearly 50 points and my gains in the gym are incredible for a 44 years old man.” 

Thank you Michael for sharing your story and allowing me to assist in achieving your health and fitness goals. You look great!! – Andrea Lilavois

Meet Sarah

Sarah came to the practice to get on the right path towards a healthier body. After analyzing her body composition, we came up with a plan. She followed the recommendations, made a few changes, and the rest is history.

Her dedication to her weight loss has paid off. She has lost nearly 70 pounds over the past year!! She looks and feels amazing! I am so proud of her and thankful for trusting us to assist in her health goals. Healthy living is not a sprint, it is a long-term race.  

Meet Jeanne

“I want you to know that I celebrated my 70th birthday by riding 72 miles on my bike this past weekend! (In two consecutive days, not one day). I think that I was able to complete this feat because of my hormone pellets!!

So thank you very much for giving me the energy and joy in accomplishing my goal!!! I also played pickle ball on Sunday, first time since March”.

Thank you Jeanne for sharing your story. You are awesome!! – Andrea Lilavois